An appropriate waterproofing will allow your building to live longer without maintenance. It’s not just about keeping the rain out. It’s about protecting everything under the roof too. Every kind of problems from severe structural damage, from concrete cancer to rising dampness, as well as leaky roofs, poor or aging plumbing, faulty utility units, etc are taken care off.  

Non - guaranteed waterproofing today is a guaranteed problem for tomorrow. Investing in quality waterproofing services can save you a lot in long run. So turn to the waterproofing professionals with a decade of experience, you can trust – Astitva Lifestyles Private Limited.

We provide you with unique services:-

flat for sale   Analysis of leaks in existing structures.
flat for sale   Wide range of tailor-made guarantee concepts.
flat for sale   Concepts, Specifications & detailing.
flat for sale   Site specific solutions.

We have high quality waterproofing systems based on eco-friendly green systems. We have experience in almost all aspects of waterproofing jobs, be it basement waterproofing, expansion joint sealing, sealing of concrete joints, terrace/ roof waterproofing, terrace garden waterproofing both in new construction as well as in rectification jobs. Rising dampness in walls leading to efflorescence on the walls is a problem which affects many buildings. We have effective waterproofing solutions both for concrete walls & brick walls affected by moisture.    We can serve our customer best through in-depth experience & low overheads.


Our Endeavour always is to provide high quality job at a reasonable price. If you have a waterproofing problem, you can rest assured that you are hiring a competent, experienced & reputed company, when you engage the services of our company.


Our Waterproofing Technologies Include:-

flat for sale   Complete Injection systems.
flat for sale   Crystalline water proofing.
flat for sale   High quality flexible PVC & FPO membranes.
flat for sale   Polyurethane & epoxy coatings.
flat for sale   Mortars, Renderings & more.

Criteria for selection of waterproofing treatment:-

flat for sale   Hydrostatic conditions.
flat for sale   Project requirements.
flat for sale   Consider the appropriate product and treatment like Grouting, Shotcrete, Liquid or sheet membrane (APP,
      TPO, Tarfelt, Geo-membrane etc.), in combination with integral waterproofing concrete admixture or any other.